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Brando "Beautiful Ghost Ep"

<strong>Brando "Beautiful Ghost Ep"</strong>

Black Angus Records is proud to present ‘Beautiful Ghost’ an Ep by Brando. Although a newcomer, Brando Calmonte is already known in Berlin and Italy for his rhythmic vigor and energetic dj sets. Starting out as a multi-instrumentalist, he seamlessly made his way into music as an electro-acoustic composer and sound designer. The young Italian artist has already being praised by some of the best in the music scene. The four-track EP vinyl ‘Beautiful Ghost’ illustrates a fusion of raw sounds and gritty old-school grooves which coincides with the romantic vocal melodies that invoke a soulful dimension. The release includes a remix by DJ Soch, known in the scene as ‘Italian Stallion’ and the founder of Black Angus Records.