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Resident Advisior Reviews

Resident Advisior Reviews

Halfway between the ancient Umbrian towns of Foligno and Trevi stands Serendipity, one of Italy's most respected underground clubs. Local veteran Marco Socci, AKA DJ Soch, is a resident there, and late last year he set up Black Angus Records, a platform for the kind of deep, US-influenced house and techno he plays in his sets. The label's eye-catching debut, Kick, Tom & Hi-Hat Vol. 1, arrives courtesy of Socci himself.

As the EP's title suggests, Socci's two original productions take a bare bones approach to club music. Opening with a sample from the 1979 cult classic film The Warriors, "Coney Island" gets things off to a rollicking start. Socci crafts a wicked, surging house record from karate-style claps, snappy keys and a snarling groove. The combination of fast-paced and feel-good makes it an especially powerful weapon. For the remix, The Analogue Cops cast a shadow over the original's sparky template and throw in some high-pitched synths that give it a grainier techno edge. "Funky Dry" is the simplest of the three, strapping hard-hitting percussion to looming pads and a faint metronomic synth line. Again, it's a great example of functional club music at its most devastating.