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<strong>Thump/VICE EXCLUSIVE STREAM</strong>

Check Out an Exclusive Track by Italian Stallion DJ Soch Right Now There are moments in life you'll never forget: weddings, funerals, first experiences of a brand new burger at McDonalds. These fleeting meetings with genuine emotion are few and far between, and should be cherished as such, for they elevate us above the mundane and humdrum which threaten to turn life into nothing more than porridge-grey sludge. I found myself having such a moment towards the end of last year. As chaos reigned around me, I delved headfirst into a radio show for comfort. The show was a Balamii one, with World Unknown's Andy Blake playing records with fellow selector Joel Kane. I was enjoying it as much as one can enjoy music listened to whilst smashing through timesheets and tax returns and then it happened. Something magical, something ineffable, something utterly amazing. They played "Unknown" by Italian producer and label owner DJ Soch. "Unknown," at the time was unknown to me, but gave me such a rush of pleasure that I had to do all I could to stop myself from kicking my laptop to the ground with glee. I'd found a new record to love, to obsesses over, to foist upon friends and family. I was a DJ Soch convert and today, like a missionary blundering into a foreign land, I'm helping THUMP bring you a listen to a brand new track from the Black Angus Records boss. He's dropping the terribly named but fantasticClassic Monkey EP next week, on Wound Music, and you can lose yourself in the undulating bosh of lead track "The Mother," right now. This one's highly recommend for anyone into finding out exactly what happens when good old fashioned stompy NYC house gets taken for a night drive round Rome. (Josh Baines)