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:: "Unknown"


First release for the newborn Black Angus Rough, sublabel of the cult Black Angus Records. DJ Soch undertakes a new journey to the deepest roots of ...
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<strong>Thump/VICE EXCLUSIVE STREAM</strong>

Check Out an Exclusive Track by Italian Stallion DJ Soch Right Now There are moments in life you'll never forget: weddings, ...
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:: "Black Angus podcast 001/20017"

"Black Angus podcast 001/20017"

Dj Soch "Black Angus podcast 001/20017" mixed for enjoy at home with two Technics SL-1210 Mk2 mixer Urei by Soundcraft 1605 made in USA 100% vinyl ...
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:: "Kick, tom & Hi-hat Vol.3"

"Kick, tom & Hi-hat Vol.3"

Dj Soch presents the third volume of "Kick Tom & Hi-Hat". The first track, "Fight for love", is a powerful raw groove in jacking style. When you ...
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